Client Terms and Conditions and GDPR compliance

These terms and conditions are for the benefit of both of us: You as the client and me as the Practitioner - and these T&C's are intended to be read and taken note of.

By following these simple guidelines we will eliminate the possibility of any potential situation arising - and by 'situation', I mean a physical reaction to a lotion or an oil ingredient that you may be allergic to; a new medication or medication switch that you have not informed me about causing a reaction, or any other example of a situation where I, Ciara Ahern, have not been fully informed about your medical history that later causes problems and necessitates further action.

I do rely on your honesty at all times when discussing your past and present medical histories with me. Its purpose is solely so that I can accurately gauge and alter my therapy and massage treatments (and the ingredients involved with those treatments), accordingly to give you the maximum benefit. 

Client Terms & Conditions: By booking and attending a treatment with me, Ciara Ahern, it is taken as proof that you have read, understood and agree by the Terms and Conditions as laid out here.

1. If I am not able to make my scheduled appointment, I agree to cancel 24 hours in advance by email or text (not via Facebook or Twitter), unless I have an emergency, in which case I shall text Ciara as soon as possible. 

2. If I missed a scheduled appointment and did not contact and inform Ciara 24 hours previously, I agree to pay my appointment charge in full. I believe this to be fair, Ciara's time has been booked and to miss an appointment on short notice means that that slot cannot be filled.

3. I shall provide you, Ciara, all of my health and medical information, to the best of my knowledge, in full and agree to it being kept privately, confidentially and in the understanding that it shall never be passed onto or read by any third parties.

4. I understand that remedial sports massage and other similar body-work treatments are therapeutic in nature and are NOT a substitute for medical examination or medical care. I agree to honour all existing and future medical practitioner appointments. I also agree NOT to stop any course of medication or treatment as prescribed by my local GP or other medical practitioner without first discussing this with them.

5. I agree to update Ciara with information in regard to any changes to ongoing medical treatments as these changes may affect my therapy treatments.

6. I agree that any therapy or treatment given by Ciara Ahern Massage Therapy Jersey should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a healthcare professional for medical attention and advice. Ciara Ahern is not a qualified general medical practitioner and any views or opinions expressed on topics outside of her acknowledged training should be treated purely as that and must not be acted upon before consulting your own GP or healthcare professional.

7.Ciara Ahern - Massage Therapy Jersey, Ciara Ahern herself or anyone acting on her behalf do not assume or accept responsibility for a clients' healthcare needs. Any therapies you may undertake are done so voluntarily by you on the understanding that you have read and abide by the Terms and Conditions as set out above.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you.